Mars Once Had Salt Lakes Similar To Earth

This NASA handout photo shows beds of sandstone inclined to the southwest toward Mount Sharp and away from the Gale Crater rim.

Mars once had salt lakes that are similar to those on Earth and has gone through wet and dry periods, according to an international team of scientists that includes a Texas A&M University College of Geosciences researcher.Marion Nachon, a postdoctoral research associate in the Department of Geology and Geophysics at

A step closer to solving the methane mystery on Mars

A 3D virtual model of Curiosity is shown inside Gale Crater on Mars.

Scientists have taken an important step towards revealing the mysterious source of methane on Mars, by refining estimates of the gas in the planet's atmosphere.The methane puffing from a huge crater on Mars could be a sign of life or other non-biological activity under the planet's surface. Gale crater, which

Salty Water Unlocks Key to Life on Mars


We are one step closer to discovering if there is life on Mars. A new after a study has suggested that there might be enough oxygen in the briny liquid that sits nears the planet's surface to support microbial life. Oxygen levels are yet to be tested, but the hypothesis allows

SpaceX Reveals More Details About Its Future City on Mars


As SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk’s plan to erect an enclosed city on the planet of Mars to house residents crystallizes, anticipation continues to grow. The most recent development involves more information being shared about some of the more practical details of the project: what the setup will look

Iron-rich minerals on Mars could contain life’s fatty acids


A little stream in the south of England could guide the way towards finding evidence for ancient life on Mars, in the form of fatty acids preserved in an iron-rich mineral called goethite.Researchers from Imperial College London ventured to the county of Dorset on the UK's south-coast to sample an

Bringing Mars to Earth in virtual reality


It’s only a matter of time before we put astronauts on Mars, but there’s plenty of research to be carried out in the meantime. MarsVR could be the perfect way to explore the red planet.The race to Mars is firmly on, but before we can send colonies of people off

What humans will look like on Mars


Colonizing Mars might be the best chance to ensure the human species survival in the future. In order to adapt to Mar’s hostile living conditions, our bodies will evolve in ways that might end up with a completely new species of human.When it comes to colonizing new worlds, Mars could

New virtual reality program lets users explore Mars from home


(WFLA) — NASA and Google have teamed up to let space enthusiasts explore outer space without even having to leave their homes.The two companies released a free, virtual space exploration program called “Access Mars” on Thursday.It virtually transports users, wherever they are, to Earth’s neighboring planet in the solar system.