This Awesome RV is Both a Caravan And a Boat


Give yourself a no-limits holiday with the Departure One, an adventurous vehicle both for land and water. Jumping in a recreational vehicle (RV) or caravan and hitting the road is a pleasure popular all over the world. In recent months there have been a plethora of high-tech RVs and camping buses launching

Nvidia’s new gaming GPUs are designed to handle 4K HDR at 60fps

GeForce RTX 2080

Last week Nvidia unveiled the Quadro RTX series of GPUs, designed for professionals and with a focus on ray tracing. With Gamescom kicking off in Cologne, Germany today, the company has now announced gaming-focused versions, the GeForce RTX series, with an eye towards that same rendering technique. For over two years,

Marvel Powers United VR coming to Oculus Rift

Marvel Powers United

'Marvel Powers United VR' will allow players to step into the role of their favorite heroes in a new co-op experience. The new title — from Marvel Games, Oculus Studios and Sanzaru games — has already announced playable, fan favorite superheroes such as Captain Marvel, the Hulk, Rocket Raccoon, Thor, and

VR Is Dead on the Xbox One

When Microsoft announced the Xbox One X, one of the major questions raised by gamers was whether the high-end console would support VR. Microsoft had chosen to sit out the early VR craze when Sony jumped aboard with PlayStation VR, almost certainly in part because the weaker hardware of the

Samsung Gear VR is now just $99

Samsung Gear

All eyes may be on Apple for its big WWDC 2018 event, where we expect to learn about iOS 12 and more, but Samsung is slipping in with a hefty discount on its well-regarded virtual reality headset. The Samsung Gear VR is now $99.99, a discount of $30 from its regular