China Winning Artificial Intelligence War Against U.S.

China AI

Chinese artificial intelligence is now capable of outperforming humans in reading comprehension.A neural network model created by Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba beat its flesh-and-blood competition on a 100,000-question Stanford University test that's considered the world’s top measure of machine reading. The model, developed by Alibaba’s Institute of Data Science of

How smart is today’s artificial intelligence?


The field of artificial intelligence is historically known for overpromising — decades of hyped results followed by harsh corrections in funding and expectations as researchers crash into major technological roadblocks. This time is different. The past five years have seen a proper AI revolution, with big data and exponential advances in

Lockheed selects NEC artificial intelligence software to study space data


Intelligent machines are taking the technology world by storm, and have started to move to outer space. The United States’ largest military contractor Lockheed Martin Corp. announced Wednesday it will start using artificial intelligence software from NEC to analyze data collected by sensors in space.Intelligent machines are taking the technology world

NASA looks at Artificial Intelligence to communicate with space

NASA Artificial Intelligence (AI)

As collection of space data increases, NASA is exploring the infusion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into space communications networks to meet demand and increase efficiency.Software-defined radios like cognitive radio use AI to employ underutilised portions of the electromagnetic spectrum without human intervention.The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) permits a cognitive radio

First-Ever 360-Degree Video of Spacewalk


Life In the ISS The International Space Station (ISS) is humanity’s home away from home, and has been since its assembly was completed by space agencies from various countries in 2000. For those who want to experience life off-world in the ISS, years of astronaut training and the luck of the draw