VR has finally found its place: porn

If you've gone looking for a virtual reality experience, there's a very good chance you've seen some very adult things.New statistics gathered by the aptly named VR porn site VRPorn.com show that when it comes to the virtual reality space, a surprising amount of it is occupied by, well, porn.They

Sony Is Launching a New PlayStation VR Headset

PlayStation VR

Sony will release an updated version of its PlayStation VR headset with minor improvements, the company announced on Oct. 2. The new version will feature a slightly updated design with integrated stereo headphone cables, making the dangling wires that are usually necessary for attaching headphones to the headset much less obtrusive.

Top 5 Outrageous Uses for Virtual Reality

VR technology

Virtual Reality seems to becoming the norm across most industries, but can you believe some of the things you can really do? Virtual Reality (VR) is seemingly the next best thing in the technology market, as the biggest companies in the industry embrace the tech such as Google, Samsung and Sony.VR

Samsung Windows 10 VR Headset Coming


For the past three years Samsung has worked closely with Oculus on its Gear VR mobile headset, but it may have found a new partner for its next VR device: Microsoft.Twitter user WalkingCat has revealed images of a supposed Windows 10 VR headset made by Samsung itself. It’s worth pointing

Sony: “Not Entirely Comfortable” Leading VR Market


Sony may be doing well so far in the virtual reality market compared to their competitors, but according to the company, leading the VR pack actually isn’t very reassuring.Speaking to Reuters, Andrew House, the chief executive of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc., was asked by Reuters about the current state of

At smartphone pioneer HTC: a new, or virtual, reality


When HTC Corp brought back founder Cher Wang two years ago to turn around the struggling Taiwanese mobile phone maker, investors hoped she could stem a sharp loss in market share to Apple and Samsung Electronics.But the gamble to rebuild the early smartphone pioneer’s reputation failed, as its market share

Raising the bar for mobile VR


By any yardstick, Mobile VR is off to a strong start. A report in May from IHS Markit predicts that sales of Samsung’s Gear VR headsets will surpass 10 million in early 2018, while Google’s Daydream headsets should have sold over 2.3 million units by the end of this year.

How AR and VR Technologies Are Shaping Our Future


Augmented Reality Like self-driving cars, augmented reality technology is already here. You likely remember the explosive popularity of Pokémon Go, a smartphone game that involves capturing digital monsters in the real world. The decidedly less popular Google Glass device was also an early attempt at augmented reality. The premise of this technology involves superimposing

5 impacts of virtual reality in marketing


What comes in your mind by the mention of the term ‘virtual reality’?  Most people will conceive it to be either a film or a game set. However, Virtual reality (VR) is an artificially generated environment by a 3-D computer program and then presented to its user in a manner