Things We Want to See from PSVR in 2018


PlayStation VR had a quietly successful 2017, evidenced by robust sales figures and an even stronger slate of software. In fact, given our concerns at the start of 2017, the past 12 months proved more positive for the peripheral than we could have possibly ever imagined – and on the

VR Headsets: Less Money, Fewer Wires

VR Headsets

There’s no pricing yet for the Vive Pro, but it’s bound to be expensive—the existing version is $600. For consumers uninterested in shelling out that kind of money to experience “presence,” companies including Lenovo and Oculus VR have important news of their own.Working with Google, Lenovo announced at CES a

Worlds collide: VR and AR in 2018


Oculus, the company responsible for kickstarting the $2 billion virtual reality marketplace, knows virtual reality is not the future. As its engineers pour millions of Facebook's dollars into the second generation of VR headsets, the company's head of research, Michael Abrash, is preparing for a world where augmented reality dominates

Samsung’s Windows-powered VR headset is a winner

Samsung windows mixed reality headsets

Virtual reality headsets aren’t cheap. Facebook’s (FB) Oculus Rift and HTC’s Vive sell for $400 and $600, respectively, and you still need a powerful PC with a dedicated graphics chip to run them. Microsoft (MSFT) wants to change that with its Windows Mixed Reality software, which runs on a number of

Sony dominates sluggish VR headset market

Playstation VR

Sales of Sony’s PlayStation VR headset have surpassed 2m units, the company said on Thursday, making it the top seller in what remains a sluggish market for virtual reality.By December 3, Sony said it had also sold 70.6m PlayStation 4 consoles since the gaming platform was launched in 2013, maintaining

2018 Mobile VR vs. standalone headsets

2018 vr

For a long time, virtual reality was the preserve of geeks and techophiles looking to show off that they owned the latest hi-tech gadgets. However, that has begun to change with VR looking set to become mainstream in 2018 as prices fall and VR content improves through channels such as

HTC Vive Pulls Out All Stops For Halloween

HTC VIVE for Halloween

HTC is one of the biggest names in virtual reality, thanks mainly to their excellent HTC Vive headset. The HTC Vive has remained a favorite among enthusiasts for quite a while and even experienced steady price dropping since its release. As some may know, the Vive was produced in collaboration