Sony dominates sluggish VR headset market

Playstation VR

Sales of Sony’s PlayStation VR headset have surpassed 2m units, the company said on Thursday, making it the top seller in what remains a sluggish market for virtual reality.By December 3, Sony said it had also sold 70.6m PlayStation 4 consoles since the gaming platform was launched in 2013, maintaining

PlayStation VR dominates third-quarter VR headset sales

PlayStation VR

A new study from market analyst firm Canalys has found that high-end virtual reality headset sales for the previous quarter have exceeded just over a million units for the first time. Of that number, almost half are PlayStation VR headsets, with Oculus Rift units following up with just over a 20-percent market

5 headsets as your gateway to virtual reality this holiday

holiday gift

Although still quite expensive and with relatively limited content offers, virtual reality headsets are gaining ground in the mainstream among gamers and tech buffs.Here are some top holiday gift ideas for tech-savvy users looking to step into virtual reality.HTC Vive This headset is the market reference in virtual reality, although it

HTC Kills Its Google VR Headset


Today HTC announced a cool new completely standalone VR headset for China, and then promptly dashed hopes in America by confirming the cancellation of the standalone headset intended for US audiences. If you’re US-based and want the next wave of VR headsets, then it seems you’re going to need to

Asus WMR Headset initial review: Worth waiting for?


Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) is Microsoft's route into virtual reality (VR) experiences for Windows, without the need for a ultra-fast and expensive PC setup. There are a variety of third-party headset options, of which the Asus HC102 is perhaps the most interesting - offering a more striking design than its

VR Shinecon 3D movies games headset for iPhone, Samsung

Shinecon Headset

Virtual reality headsets were all the rage last year, but the high prices on many like Oculus kept it from hitting the mainstream market. Cheaper sets were available but most people were only hearing more about the high-priced VR sets and not the more affordable ones.Now you can check out

Designers Prototype New Approaches to VR Headset


Two common types of head-mounts for VR headsets dominate the market today: the side & top strap approach, and the halo approach (which rests mostly on the forehead). Despite their abundance, there’s still a long way to go toward improving comfort, ease-of-use, and social acceptability as VR grows. Designers from

2018 Mobile VR vs. standalone headsets

2018 vr

For a long time, virtual reality was the preserve of geeks and techophiles looking to show off that they owned the latest hi-tech gadgets. However, that has begun to change with VR looking set to become mainstream in 2018 as prices fall and VR content improves through channels such as