HTC Vive Cosmos Pre-Orders Start September 12

HTC Vive Cosmos

HTC Vive Cosmos pre-orders will be starting today, September 12th, ushering in the next generation of VR headsets this Fall. Folks interested can head on over to the official HTC Vive Cosmos website on and after September 12th to get more information. Some sort of "special offers" will be available

Lenovo made an Marvel Avengers game for its Mirage AR headset

Lenovo Mirage AR Headset

Lenovo has once again teamed up with Disney to bring one of the studio’s iconic franchises to augmented reality (AR). After first launching the “Star Wars: Jedi Challenges” AR headset in 2017, the two companies are back with a new “Marvel Dimension of Heroes” experience running on slightly revamped hardware.Now

Cybershoes let you physically walk, run, and jump in VR


If you ask me, VR is the best thing that’s happened to gaming since the invention of the joystick thanks to the platform’s ability to place users inside of a complete alternate reality. Unfortunately, the spell’s instantly broken the moment you’re forced to take a single step. Cybershoes, a gadget that

Vive Cosmos Is The Next Consumer VR HMD From HTC


In a call-to-action for developers creating content for the company’s next VR HMD, HTC has revealed plans to release the Vive Cosmos in Q3 2019. That window of release means the Cosmos could be in consumer homes sometime in July, August or September. The team has dedicated resources for two months

Oculus Quest: Everything you need to know

Oqulus Quest

What is the Oculus Quest? Virtual reality hasn’t really kicked off yet, and I’m not surprised. The likes of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive may both offer incredibly fun and immersive experiences, but when they take an age to set up and require an ultra-expensive computer rig to function, who

Oculus Rift S: Everything you need to know

Oculus Rift S: Everything you need to know

After all the hype surrounding Oculus co-founder Brendan Iribe's exit from the company in October 2018, many VR fans were concerned with the state of the evolution of the Oculus Rift. The Consumer Version 2 (CV2), which was believed to be in the works under the codename "Caspar," was shelved,

Vive Pro Eye first look: Fast track to the future

Vive Pro Eye

Vive Pro Eye first look: An opening look at the future of virtual reality? The Vive Pro Eye introduces an exciting new innovation to virtual reality in the form of eye tracking. While the standard Vive and Vive Pro headsets are only capable of tracking your head, this revolutionary new gadget

New standalone, Vive-based VR headset steps out of the Shadows

The Shadow VR is available now for US$399

The virtual reality playing field is spreading out to fill all niches, and HTC is helping speed that along by getting its open source platform Vive Wave out to third party companies. Chinese manufacturer Shadow Creator is the latest to jump on board, unveiling the Shadow VR standalone headset.The Shadow

This New Headset Lets You See VR As Clearly As the Real World

Varjo headset

With AR and VR companies racing to build the ultimate headset that can truly embrace mixed reality, a Finnish startup, Varjo, just made waves with their near to human eye resolution VR headset - The “Bionic Display”. Creating a name for itself among the tech giants Many innovations have come to wearable