WMR headset prices cut in half on Amazon

WMR Amazon

If $200 is your sweet spot for a VR headset and controllers, now's your chance. The big promise of Windows Mixed Reality headsets was to bring augmented and virtual reality and anything in between to people at more reasonable prices and with an easier setup than competitors. By the time they

Samsung’s Windows-powered VR headset is a winner

Samsung windows mixed reality headsets

Virtual reality headsets aren’t cheap. Facebook’s (FB) Oculus Rift and HTC’s Vive sell for $400 and $600, respectively, and you still need a powerful PC with a dedicated graphics chip to run them. Microsoft (MSFT) wants to change that with its Windows Mixed Reality software, which runs on a number of

Microsoft Expands Surface Lineup

microsoft surface laptop

Even as personal computer sales slow, Microsoft Corp. is adding yet another model to its growing line of Surface computers.The software giant on Tuesday announced a new 15-inch laptop geared toward creative professionals seeking a powerful device to work with images, video, music, software design and the resource-guzzling programs they

Samsung Windows 10 VR Headset Coming


For the past three years Samsung has worked closely with Oculus on its Gear VR mobile headset, but it may have found a new partner for its next VR device: Microsoft.Twitter user WalkingCat has revealed images of a supposed Windows 10 VR headset made by Samsung itself. It’s worth pointing

Move over Virtual Reality, here comes Mixed Reality


Windows Mixed Reality is Microsoft's take on the combination of augmented reality and virtual reality.Among new premium phones, fitness gadgets and smartwatches, a new Microsoft technology took centre stage at the Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin, or IFA, the biggest annual consumer electronics trade fair in Europe.At this year's six-day show, which

What is Windows Mixed Reality?

Mixed Reality

I’ve heard a lot about Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality, but up until this week I’ve been a little confused. Microsoft insists on calling its new headsets “Mixed Reality” ones, when they’re really just virtual reality. At IFA in Berlin this week, Microsoft is showcasing all of its Mixed Reality headsets

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16232 set to fight ransomware

Windows 10

Something called the Windows 10 Insider Build is offering a peek at what is in store, and the message is clear that Microsoft is fighting the good fight against malware havoc.The new Windows 10 Inside Preview was released to some Insiders on Wednesday; reports are out about what new features