Bigscreen Gear VR brings social viewing, PC streaming soon


Samsung’s Gear VR has been left by the wayside. While technically powered by Oculus, the smartphone-based version is different enough that it doesn’t enjoy the same richness of content as the main Oculus Rift. Samsung itself doesn’t seem to be that enthusiastic about it either. Hope, however, might come from

VR, presence and the case of the missing killer app


Compelling virtual reality shipped to developers and consumers nearly two years ago. The first flagship headsets arrived from Oculus and HTC back in the spring of 2016, offering enough resolution, frame rate, field of view, latency mitigation and position-tracking to produce believable visual immersion. But no one seems to know

VR Today, AR Tomorrow


While virtual reality creates an immersive virtual world, augmented reality is the real world, only with digital objects superimposed upon it.While AR is not as mature as VR, many smartphones will soon be equipped with AR features that will allow users to superimpose arrows on the floor for directions, float

Asus joins the WMR party with its own official headset


Windows Mixed Reality, Microsoft’s own take on consumer-oriented and relatively low-cost virtual reality, was introduced in 2017 with a host of Microsoft’s original equipment manufacturers making very similar headsets. Software support officially arrived in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, and hardware also went on sale on October 17. One