HTC Vive Cosmos Pre-Orders Start September 12

HTC Vive Cosmos

HTC Vive Cosmos pre-orders will be starting today, September 12th, ushering in the next generation of VR headsets this Fall. Folks interested can head on over to the official HTC Vive Cosmos website on and after September 12th to get more information. Some sort of "special offers" will be available

HTC Vive Pulls Out All Stops For Halloween

HTC VIVE for Halloween

HTC is one of the biggest names in virtual reality, thanks mainly to their excellent HTC Vive headset. The HTC Vive has remained a favorite among enthusiasts for quite a while and even experienced steady price dropping since its release. As some may know, the Vive was produced in collaboration

At smartphone pioneer HTC: a new, or virtual, reality


When HTC Corp brought back founder Cher Wang two years ago to turn around the struggling Taiwanese mobile phone maker, investors hoped she could stem a sharp loss in market share to Apple and Samsung Electronics.But the gamble to rebuild the early smartphone pioneer’s reputation failed, as its market share

Google May Be Buying the Company Behind the Vive VR System


Today, pioneering tech brand HTC announced that they will halt trading of their shares tomorrow pending “the release of material information.”The company has been rumored to be negotiating a takeover with Google, and this announcement may be a sign that such a buyout is happening. HTC’s official response has simply been that

HTC Vive Focus VR Headset Shown In Trademark Apps

The HTC Vive is regarded as one of the best VR headsets on the market. A lot of competition has been introduced since the HTC Vive originally launched including Sony’s Playstation VR headset but the Vive has still stood up as the favorite virtual reality headset among enthusiasts. Now, it

HTC Vive, VR headset, is now $200 easier to buy


HTC has announced a permanent $200 price drop for its Vive virtual reality headset, bringing its cost down to $600. This development arrives just as Oculus’ Summer of Rift promotion is coming to a close, putting the devices in serious competition. The Rift with Touch will rise back to $500

Meet your new VR controller – your brain


Brain-computer interfaces are a pretty incredible (if slightly unsettling) thing. The idea of a computer being able to measure your brainwaves and then act upon them feels distinctly sci-fi, but that is exactly what VR startup Neurable has accomplished.Displaying at ‘computer graphic and interactive technique’ conference Siggraph in Los Angeles,

Here’s the new HTC Vive standalone virtual reality headset

htc vive standalone

But it's only available in China HTC has announced its first standalone Vive virtual reality headset, one that works without being tethered to a PC or smartphone.Dubbed the HTC Vive Standalone VR headset, it is a consumer product that is exclusive to China. It is separate from the Google Daydream headset

Best VR Headsets


Virtual reality headsets provide a fully immersive entertainment experience, whether you're looking to watch 360-degree videos, play games or go places you've always wanted to vislt.After testing and reviewing over a dozen VR headsets, here's our recommendations.Mobile: Our top mobile VR headset is the Oculus-backed Samsung Gear VR ($129).