Researchers develop AI platform to detect cancer group

A research group have applied artificial intelligence to assess how cancers can progress and evolve. The aim is to enable medics to use personalized treatments for individual patients, thereby boosting survival rates.The new development comes from the Institute of Cancer Research London together with medical technologists from the University of

Amazon patents a real-time accent translator

speech data conversation

Amazon has applied for a patent for an audio system that detects the accent of a speaker and changes it to the accent of the listener, perhaps helping eliminate communication barriers in many situations and industries. The patent doesn’t mean the company has made it (or necessarily that it

This AI Calculates at the Speed of Light


Signals in the brain hop from neuron to neuron at a speed of roughly 390 feet per second. Light, on the other hand, travels 186,282 miles in a second. Imagine the possibilities if we were that quick-witted.Well, computers are getting there.Researchers from UCLA on Thursday revealed a 3D-printed, optical neural

How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing The Future Of Beauty

Artifical Intelegence Beauty

As if there weren’t already enough products on the market, things are about to get even more advanced. And personal.People have been using beauty products to enhance their eyes, brighten their skin or smooth their hair since ancient Egyptian times. But over the years, the beauty market has grown into a

Artificial Intelligence Trends to Watch in 2018

AI 2018 Trends

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the new technological frontier over which companies and countries are vying for control. According to a recent report from McKinsey, Alphabet invested roughly $30 billion in developing AI technologies. Baidu, which is the Chinese equivalent of Alphabet, invested $20 billion in AI last year.Companies aren't the only ones

China Winning Artificial Intelligence War Against U.S.

China AI

Chinese artificial intelligence is now capable of outperforming humans in reading comprehension.A neural network model created by Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba beat its flesh-and-blood competition on a 100,000-question Stanford University test that's considered the world’s top measure of machine reading. The model, developed by Alibaba’s Institute of Data Science of

Aliens, Autonomous Cars, and AI: This Is the World of 2118

AI World

Learning From the Past Humans are naturally inclined to think towards the future. We find ourselves wondering about the next steps in our lives, imaging the potential consequences of advances today, even fictionalizing them to their most extreme forms as a sort of sandbox for possible futures.Scientists might be one of

The most important breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence

Artifical Intelligence

“Artificial Intelligence” is currently the hottest buzzword in tech. And with good reason - after decades of research and development, the last few years have seen a number of techniques that have previously been the preserve of science fiction slowly transform into science fact.Already AI techniques are a deep part

Artificial intelligence and robotics

ai robotics

Artificial intelligence boomed this year like few other areas in tech, but despite the scientific breakthroughs, glut of funding, and new products rolling out to consumers, the field has problems that can’t be ignored. Some of these, like company-driven hype and sensationalist headlines, need better communication from the media and

Technology hits for the year to come


An exciting year for consumer technology is up ahead. Smart home gadgets will continue to flood into our lives in 2018, led by user-friendly hubs like the Amazon Echo and Google Home. We're going to move around differently as well — not only on increasingly automated public roads — but

What is the future of artificial intelligence?


Speak up, Alexa Gregg Johnson, CEO of Invoca, a call tracking and analytics service, says that 2018 will be “the year the voice trend becomes undeniable.”“As people increasingly trade typing for talking, we’ll see more companies invest in developing for voice interfaces,” Johnson said. “Most focus on Amazon’s Alexa due to its