NASA lab brews up alien atmospheres here on Earth

A NASA team has recreated the atmosphere of a "hot Jupiter" exoplanet, similar to this artist's rendition of WASP-18b

Earth's pleasant, life-giving atmosphere is turning out to be somewhat of an oddity. With almost 4,000 planets so far discovered orbiting stars beyond our solar system, scientists are finding that atmospheres come in a wide range of recipes. To get a better understanding of that cosmic chemistry, a team at

3 explanations for ‘Oumuamua that aren’t alien spaceships

The first known interstellar visitor to the solar system is keeping astronomers guessing.Ever since it was spotted in October 2017, major mysteries have dogged the object, known as ‘Oumuamua (SN Online: 10/27/17). Astronomers don’t know where it came from in the galaxy. And they’ve disagreed over whether ‘Oumuamua is an

Hypervelocity alien stars could be invading the Milky Way

Gaia mapping the stars of the Milky Way

Astronomers have discovered a population of incredibly fast-moving stars bearing down on the Milky Way. It is possible that these newly found "hypervelocity" stellar bodies were created in another galaxy, before being hurled out into intergalactic space on a collision course with the Milky Way.Our galaxy is populated by over

Wild new alien theory emerges

microbial life panspermia

It's beginning to look like life here began out there. The number of potentially habitable worlds has exploded. Organic molecules are being found in comets and cosmic clouds. So is there an interstellar conveyor belt seeding life throughout the galaxy?Monash University’s Professor John Lattanzio has told the annual meeting of the Astronomical

Water May Not Be the Only Sign of Alien Life

Alien Water Live

(Inside Science) – When it comes to looking for alien life, scientists mostly focus on where there is water. Now researchers suggest that looking at "bioessential" elements such as phosphorus and molybdenum could help judge a world's potential for life.There is life virtually wherever there is water on Earth, from

Could alien life exist in parallel universes?


It’s one thing to look for life elsewhere in the universe. But why stop there? What about life in all those parallel universes that theoretical physicists like to talk about? A recent paper in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society suggests that some of that real estate might

Scientists may have found a Neptune-sized alien moon


Astronomers have found an abundance of exoplanets, but no exomoons. Despite ongoing efforts, the tiny celestial bodies have just been too elusive to detect using modern technology. However, researchers might have just hit paydirt. They've used Kepler Space Telescope data to discover signs of what looks like a Neptune-sized moon