Immersive gaming experience without VR headset

Richard Taylor’s and Mark Lowe’s are ready to revolutionize the gaming world with an all-new technology called Stadeon. Currently, we have been enjoying gaming on our Television screens, Laptops, smart phones or the VR headsets. But Stadeon is a novel VR gaming format to offer a more immersive VR experience.

Stadeon LLC is recently launched in the year present year – 2017. The main objective of this corporation was to consolidate the design problems of a sample screen design using individual gamer’s involvement.The complete set-up is to work in an open space and was based upon a more social shared involvement with other gamers. It is now started as a Kick-starter initiative. The objective of Stadeon is to initially launch these more immersive VR experience in around 56 USA cities.

It is a 210 degree cylindrical; high resolution LED screen, which is 6 feet high and is 10 feet in diameter. Stadeon is revolutionized to work on negative space. Negative space is the space from the screen to you. Till now, you have seen things popping out of the screen and coming into your real space. But this all new format will let the complete screen pop out at once. The final output lets you believe that the screen actually does not exist. The whole idea is to bring into life the elevated Reality.


Another key area of the strategy of Stadeon is Peripheral vision gaming. With the existing VR games, if you don’t look at any action, then you are indeed unaware of it. But with Stadeon, you will be completely immersed in your virtual world. You cannot escape any action that takes place in the virtual world, and nothing will hence go unnoticed from you. You will be amazed to see the revolutionary difference in the gaming with your games getting more real and factual.

You for your whole life have been experiencing games over a rectangular screen, and in VR you look through a window into the world that surrounds you. But for the first time, with Stadeon, this world will be wrapped around you in high resolution and that too without the use of any projectors. Stadeon will proficiently display the VR 3D content that will appear to be real.

This new initiative has rightly been trademarked as – “Amaze The World” for displaying the amazing and more lifelike images on the screen. So get ready to step into a new generation of virtual reality with all-new Stadeon. here

This article was originally published by Reality Dome.