Researchers create scalable platform for on-chip quantum emitters

Researchers create scalable platform for on-chip quantum emitters

Household lightbulbs give off a chaotic torrent of energy, as trillions of miniscule light particles—called photons—reflect and scatter in all directions. Quantum light sources, on the other hand, are like light guns that fire single photons one by one, each time they are triggered, enabling them to carry hack-proof digital

Watch this immersive light show made with astronomical data

As a scientist, I was recently involved in bringing my work to the big screen.This was not a Hollywood sci-fi blockbuster but “big screen” in the literal sense: an art production about science that used the Lovell radio telescope, a 3,200-ton steel behemoth supporting of a 76-meter wide dish, to

Virtual reality: the future of content

VR future

The blend between our virtual existence and the physical world has become a normal part of our lives. We are living life through a screen already, so the jump into virtual reality (VR) is not as large a leap as one would expect. With all of the big tech players pushing

CES 2018: Ultra high-speed connections (5G)

CES 2018 5G

Telecommunications giants like Ericsson, Qualcomm, and Nokia will be headlining the 5G talks this year. With the advent of smart cities and more pervasive use of the Internet of Things (IoT), faster and more stable connections will become a fundamental requirement.If smart cars are going to be running the roads

Technology hits for the year to come


An exciting year for consumer technology is up ahead. Smart home gadgets will continue to flood into our lives in 2018, led by user-friendly hubs like the Amazon Echo and Google Home. We're going to move around differently as well — not only on increasingly automated public roads — but

The Most Important Virtual Reality Tech Coming in 2018

Virtual Reality

When HTC Vive and Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) Oculus Rift were launched it was virtual reality's first real step into the mainstream. VR headsets required expensive computers, a large amount of space, and some technical know-how, but it was feasible to have a high-end VR headset in your home for the

New VR Tech Aims to Take Surround-Sound to New Levels

audio VR

Spatial audio promises immersive virtual experiences that engage more of the senses Virtual reality’s goal is to fully immerse a person in a digital landscape, triggering the same kinds of physical and psychological reactions they would experience in the real world. In virtual reality (VR) parlance, this is called “presence”—a mental

Google’s Airpods competitor do real-time language translation


One of the surprises we got today from Google’s hardware event were a pair of bluetooth headphones called Pixel Buds. They’re wired behind the neck but they’re every bit a competitor to Apple’s AirPods. They’re $159, they’re available in November and they’ll let you understand 40 different languages. Seriously.The onstage demo

Top 5 Outrageous Uses for Virtual Reality

VR technology

Virtual Reality seems to becoming the norm across most industries, but can you believe some of the things you can really do? Virtual Reality (VR) is seemingly the next best thing in the technology market, as the biggest companies in the industry embrace the tech such as Google, Samsung and Sony.VR