The Most Important Virtual Reality Tech Coming in 2018

Virtual Reality

When HTC Vive and Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) Oculus Rift were launched it was virtual reality's first real step into the mainstream. VR headsets required expensive computers, a large amount of space, and some technical know-how, but it was feasible to have a high-end VR headset in your home for the

New VR Tech Aims to Take Surround-Sound to New Levels

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Spatial audio promises immersive virtual experiences that engage more of the senses Virtual reality’s goal is to fully immerse a person in a digital landscape, triggering the same kinds of physical and psychological reactions they would experience in the real world. In virtual reality (VR) parlance, this is called “presence”—a mental

Google’s Airpods competitor do real-time language translation


One of the surprises we got today from Google’s hardware event were a pair of bluetooth headphones called Pixel Buds. They’re wired behind the neck but they’re every bit a competitor to Apple’s AirPods. They’re $159, they’re available in November and they’ll let you understand 40 different languages. Seriously.The onstage demo

Top 5 Outrageous Uses for Virtual Reality

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Virtual Reality seems to becoming the norm across most industries, but can you believe some of the things you can really do? Virtual Reality (VR) is seemingly the next best thing in the technology market, as the biggest companies in the industry embrace the tech such as Google, Samsung and Sony.VR

How AR and VR Technologies Are Shaping Our Future


Augmented Reality Like self-driving cars, augmented reality technology is already here. You likely remember the explosive popularity of Pokémon Go, a smartphone game that involves capturing digital monsters in the real world. The decidedly less popular Google Glass device was also an early attempt at augmented reality. The premise of this technology involves superimposing

The New Rules Of Virtual Reality


Here’s a unique problem filmmakers approaching VR for the first time have. The traditional filmmaking techniques for making ‘flatties’ won’t work. New technology brings new rules.Here’s seven rules we teach at Raindance Film Festival, both in our VR training programme, and at the VR Experience Summit sponsored by Facebook 360

Cancer doctors look to virtual reality for insight into tumours

Oculus VR cancer detected

Virtual reality developers promise that technology will enter our lives and make the world a better place – but few applications have so far lived up to promise.Now healthcare could finally have found a practical use for VR technology that would take doctors inside a computer generated cancerous tumour.Developments using

How much important for Google the virtual or augmented reality


This October, several weeks after Apple's event, Google is expected to launch the Pixel 2, its new flagship Android smartphone and the follow-up to last year's original Pixel. What will be interesting to see is if Google uses the event to talk about augmented reality.Just recently, the company released ARcore, an augmented

VR’s biggest question — How real is too real?


At the onset of any revolutionary new platform such as Virtual Reality (VR), there is usually an ethical dilemma that presents itself, either in terms of the paradigm shift the technology itself creates (i.e. the Internet vs. IP rights-holders) or, in the case of VR content, the immersive and visceral

What is Windows Mixed Reality?

Mixed Reality

I’ve heard a lot about Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality, but up until this week I’ve been a little confused. Microsoft insists on calling its new headsets “Mixed Reality” ones, when they’re really just virtual reality. At IFA in Berlin this week, Microsoft is showcasing all of its Mixed Reality headsets