CES 2018: Ultra high-speed connections (5G)

CES 2018 5G

Telecommunications giants like Ericsson, Qualcomm, and Nokia will be headlining the 5G talks this year. With the advent of smart cities and more pervasive use of the Internet of Things (IoT), faster and more stable connections will become a fundamental requirement.If smart cars are going to be running the roads

HTC 4K Vive headset for CES 2018


What’s this? HTC is now teasing a New Year’s “resolution” on the official HTC Vive Twitter account just days before the company’s press conference on Monday, January 8. The teaser indicates that HTC may release an updated version of the Vive this year supporting 4K visuals, a significant boost from

Magic Leap Kicked Off 2018’s Race for an Augmented Reality Future

Magic Leap

Magic Leap has finally revealed at least an iteration of the augmented reality head-mounted display they’ve been raising huge amounts of funding to create; circular goggles that aim to change the way we experience the world.Whether they have solved the problem of vergence and accommodation, through some sort of light-field or other display technology

Artificial intelligence and robotics

ai robotics

Artificial intelligence boomed this year like few other areas in tech, but despite the scientific breakthroughs, glut of funding, and new products rolling out to consumers, the field has problems that can’t be ignored. Some of these, like company-driven hype and sensationalist headlines, need better communication from the media and