Before you buy a WMR headset, will I need a new PC?


Maybe. A big plus for the WMR headsets is that you don't necessarily need a superpowerful PC to drive them for all uses. According to Microsoft, there will be WMR desktops and laptops with integrated graphics starting as low as $499 (approximately AU$630 and £390 converted) that will run the

Microsoft starts selling developer ‘mixed reality’ headsets online


Microsoft “mixed reality” headsets are finally available (for developers) on the Microsoft store. The company opened pre-orders for the headset back in May; now developers can get their hands on Acer’s headset for $299 and an HP model for $329.Specs-wise, the two headsets are pretty much identical. Both sport 1440×1440 per

PathGuide is a navigation application from Microsoft, running without GPS


Microsoft has developed a new app called PathGuide which it's hoping will solve the problem of indoor navigation. GPS location software has all but solved the issue of getting lost outside if you have a smartphone, but once you get inside the building you’re heading to you’re often then left scrambling