2019 Chevrolet Blazer

Chevrolet Blazer

When Chevrolet re-introduced the Blazer name last year, there followed a lot of use of the word "Camaro" in the hoopla. Chevy very much wanted to tie the Blazer in with the Camaro, style-wise and has largely succeeded. The Blazer is a good-looking crossover, but a bit confusing as well.The

2020 Aston Martin Vantage

2019 Aston Martin Vantage

The latest Aston Martin Vantage is a lovely looking thing, but not all potential buyers want a coupe.Never fret, because Aston Martin will launch a new open-top Vantage Roadster very soon. A full reveal will take place later this year ahead of the market launch in spring 2020, but until

Cupra Tavascan Concept Previews

cupra tavascan concept

With the Formentor concept, Cupra demonstrated its short-term plans for electrified products but the new Tavascan study looks at the more distant future, where the brand’s models will rely solely on electric power. Set to make its public debut at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show later this month, the vehicle

Vantablack BMW X6

A giant, floating kidney grille, coming at you

Vantablack, first announced in 2014, is a rare real-life special effect, a coating so black that it sucks in almost every photon that hits it. It makes any three-dimensional object basically look like a hole has been cut in the universe. Painted in this array of infintessimally small carbon nanotubes,

Lotus Evija fully electric hypercar

lotus evija car

British car manufacturer Lotus has launched its first fully electric zero-emission hypercar, the Lotus Evija, which claims to be the most powerful series production road car ever built.Lotus gave a teaser preview of the car earlier this year at Auto Shanghai 2019, where it announced the launch of Evija as

Audi incorporates car movement into new VR system

The holoride system could be openly available within three years

We've previously seen VR (virtual reality) platforms that move in response to what's happening onscreen, making for a more immersive experience. Audi, however, is taking the opposite approach. Its new in-car VR setup determines onscreen movements based on what the vehicle is doing in real life.First of all – yes

BMW debuts gigantic new X7 SUV

All new for 2019, BMW's X7 is its biggest SUV to date, complete with seven seats and an intelligent, adaptive luxury interior

Launching in 2019, BMW's brand new X7 sets new standards of colossal bigness for the Bavarian brand, starting with a beaver face comprising the "largest kidney grille in BMW history." It also promises plenty of high-tech goodies, intelligent, adaptive luxury trim and an "agile and versatile" drive … for its

Mercedes-Benz Shows Off Electric SUV to Rival Tesla

Mercedes-Benz Electric SUV

The all-wheel EQC features over 200 miles of range, and it's expected to come to market sooner than anticipated.Tesla, you have a sizable challenger. Mercedes-Benz just unveiled its upcoming all-electric SUV.The Mercedes-Benz EQC will be an all-wheel drive car with over 200 miles of range. The SUV is finally coming

Elon Musk looks to take Tesla private


Elon Musk certainly isn't one to keep ideas to himself, and that extends to machinations of his electric vehicle company Tesla. The CEO has announced a wish to take the public company private, citing the expected benefits to its long-term mission.Tesla launched its initial public offering in 2010 with shares