Beat Saber will bring Steam’s top-rated game to PlayStation VR

Beat Saber

Having rebranded itself as Beat Games following the instant success of its Steam and Oculus light sword rhythm game Beat Saber, developer Hyperbolic Magnetism has some great news for PlayStation fans today: Beat Saber is coming to PSVR “later this year.”The game combines the visual style of Tron: Legacy with

Sony PlayStation VR vs. HTC Vive: What are The Differences?

Sony PlayStation HTC Vive Differences

Oculus Rift might be the ideal example of virtual reality, however, it’s not, by any means, the only choice – PlayStation VR and HTC Vive are similarly amazing in their own specific manners.HTC’s and Sony’s headsets offer distinctive games and controls contrasted with the Rift. HTC is tethered to a

Sony Introduces New Gold Wireless Headset For PS4 And PSVR

Gold Wireless Headset

Sony has unveiled the New Gold Wireless Headset for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR as an upgrade to its Gold Wireless Stereo Headset. Featuring enhanced comfort and multi-position hidden noise-cancelling microphones, the headset is set hit store shelves soon.The company originally released the first Gold Wireless Stereo Headset in 2014

PlayStation 5: What To Expect From Sony’s Upcoming Console

PlayStation 5

The Sony PlayStation 5 is undoubtedly hugely awaited by gamers, yet there is still a vast amount of speculation surrounding this major console. The manufacturer has refused to confirm anything other than the fact that the PS5 does indeed exist, and thus analysts have been widely and enthusiastically discussing what

Sony Patents Tip Redesigned PlayStation VR Controller

PS controllers

We're still early in the lifecycle of (modern) virtual reality hardware, which means development is ongoing behind the scenes to make the headsets, peripherals, and hardware required to power it more VR friendly. Sony is one of the companies hard at work on virtual reality, and it looks as though

Things We Want to See from PSVR in 2018


PlayStation VR had a quietly successful 2017, evidenced by robust sales figures and an even stronger slate of software. In fact, given our concerns at the start of 2017, the past 12 months proved more positive for the peripheral than we could have possibly ever imagined – and on the

Sony dominates sluggish VR headset market

Playstation VR

Sales of Sony’s PlayStation VR headset have surpassed 2m units, the company said on Thursday, making it the top seller in what remains a sluggish market for virtual reality.By December 3, Sony said it had also sold 70.6m PlayStation 4 consoles since the gaming platform was launched in 2013, maintaining

PlayStation VR dominates third-quarter VR headset sales

PlayStation VR

A new study from market analyst firm Canalys has found that high-end virtual reality headset sales for the previous quarter have exceeded just over a million units for the first time. Of that number, almost half are PlayStation VR headsets, with Oculus Rift units following up with just over a 20-percent market