Underwater hotel in Dubai that will close to marine life

The construction company "Drydocks World", in cooperation with the "Deep Ocean Technology", plans to build underwater hotels around the region, including the hotel's "Water Discus Hotel" in Dubai.The hotel is planned to be built on two levels, ie discs, of which one is above and the other below the waterline.

Craziest yacht world looks like a tropical island

Who needs a private island, when I can have his private yacht? Among the craziest designers of luxury yachts, won the concept of "Yacht Land Designa".Yacht designed ten persons who used the deck to make a real paradise. The ship inspired by the islands of the Caribbean, 90 centimeters long,

Best countries to live in Europe, 2016 map

It is becoming more and more clear that GDP (gross domestic product) alone is not a good indicator of a country’s performance. For example, when a country’s law system is very complex and requires lots of expensive lawyers, money spent on lawyers will count towards higher GDP, even though this

New Tech Lets You Watch 3D Movies Without the Funky Glasses

Someday, moviegoers may be able to watch 3D films from any seat in a theater without having to wear 3D glasses, thanks to a new kind of movie screen.The new technology, named Cinema 3D, overcomes some of the barriers to implementing glasses-free 3D viewing on a larger scale, but it's