There Could be Planets Orbiting Around Supermassive Black Holes

Perhaps the greatest discovery to come from the “Golden Age of General Relativity” (ca. 1960 to 1975) was the realization that a supermassive black hole (SMBH) exists at the center of our galaxy. In time, scientists came to realize that similarly, massive black holes were responsible for the extreme amounts

High-speed video shows violent flaring at center of black hole

Screen grab from a high-frame rate video depicting violent flares at the heart of a black hole

Advances in imaging technology are allowing researchers to observe scientific phenomena in exciting new ways, both here on Earth and far, far beyond. By training a pair of instruments on a nearby black hole, a team of astronomers have now produced a high-frame rate visualization of violent flares at its

‘Planet Nine’ may actually be a black hole

Gallery of Space Time Travel

For nearly 5 years, growing numbers of scientists have blamed the weird orbits of distant solar system objects on the gravitational effects of an as-yet-undiscovered “Planet Nine” that lies in the icy realm far beyond Neptune. But a pair of physicists is now floating an intriguing idea that could offer

Three black holes on collision course

Black hole collisions: Astronomers have found a system of three colliding black holes

Astronomers have discovered three giant black holes within a titanic collision of three galaxies. Several observatories, including the Chandra X-ray Observatory and other NASA space telescopes, captured the unusual system."We were only looking for pairs of black holes at the time, and yet, through our selection technique, we stumbled

Where Do Black Holes Lead?

So there you are, about to leap into a black hole. What could possibly await should — against all odds — you somehow survive? Where would you end up and what tantalizing tales would you be able to regale if you managed to clamor your way back?The simple answer to

Hubble Spots “Impossible” Debris Disk Around a Black Hole

Hubble Spots

The Hubble Space Telescope is like an old dog that is constantly teaching the astronomical community new tricks. In the course of its almost thirty years in operation, it has revealed vital data about the expansion of the Universe, its age, the Milky Way, supermassive black holes (SMBHs), other star

The First-Ever Close-Up of a Black Hole

The first-ever image of a black hole was released Wednesday by a consortium of researchers, showing the "black hole at the center of galaxy M87, outlined by emission from hot gas swirling around it under the influence of strong gravity near its event horizon."

You're looking at the brand-new, first-ever close-up picture of a black hole. This image of the black hole M87 at the center of the Virgo A galaxy is the result of an international, 2-year-long effort to zoom in on the singularity. It reveals. for the first time, the contours of