Lenovo made an Marvel Avengers game for its Mirage AR headset

Lenovo Mirage AR Headset

Lenovo has once again teamed up with Disney to bring one of the studio’s iconic franchises to augmented reality (AR). After first launching the “Star Wars: Jedi Challenges” AR headset in 2017, the two companies are back with a new “Marvel Dimension of Heroes” experience running on slightly revamped hardware.Now

Samsung reportedly has a wireless AR/VR headset

Wireless Samsung Headset

Apple is working on a standalone wireless headset capable of both augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), using Apple's very own chips -- so no need to plug into a traditional PC or phone. Well, it looks like Samsung may have a similar idea brewing in its labs: Samsung is

VR is a great destination, not a stepping stone to AR

VR games

If you’ve spent any time reading about virtual reality and augmented reality, you’ve certainly encountered some variation on this phrase: “VR is only a stepping stone to AR.” Just this past week, Epic Games’ chief Tim Sweeney called AR “a superset of VR.” The implication is that as VR grows, it

VR Today, AR Tomorrow


While virtual reality creates an immersive virtual world, augmented reality is the real world, only with digital objects superimposed upon it.While AR is not as mature as VR, many smartphones will soon be equipped with AR features that will allow users to superimpose arrows on the floor for directions, float

Worlds collide: VR and AR in 2018


Oculus, the company responsible for kickstarting the $2 billion virtual reality marketplace, knows virtual reality is not the future. As its engineers pour millions of Facebook's dollars into the second generation of VR headsets, the company's head of research, Michael Abrash, is preparing for a world where augmented reality dominates

This AR headset bakes eye-tracking right into its OLED displays


Augmented reality and virtual reality headsets are proliferating, but now there’s a system where the same tiny displays can be used as cameras to track eye-movement. Fraunhofer FEP has cooked up a new headset building on its latest bidirectional OLED microdisplays which, in addition to OLED pixels, have photodiodes sandwiched

How AR and VR Technologies Are Shaping Our Future


Augmented Reality Like self-driving cars, augmented reality technology is already here. You likely remember the explosive popularity of Pokémon Go, a smartphone game that involves capturing digital monsters in the real world. The decidedly less popular Google Glass device was also an early attempt at augmented reality. The premise of this technology involves superimposing

iOS 11 release date, news and features

iOS 11

The iOS 11 release date is today, Tuesday, September 19, and it's a big update for your current iPhone and iPad.Apple's new software update gives your smartphone or tablet a refresh, even if you're not upgrading to iPhone X or iPhone 8. Your device will feel as good as new