Cognixion AR Headset

This AR headset can read your brain and speak for you

Cognixion’s upcoming augmented reality headset integrated a brain-computer interface to give a voice to people without one.

Cognixion today announced that it’s bringing to market an augmented reality headset that incorporates a brain-computing interface to interpret your thoughts and dictate your speech. This headset gives a voice to people who don’t have one and solves many accessibility challenges.

The Cognixion One augmented reality headset is a fully standalone unit that doesn’t require any wires or outside computation. The headset includes brain computing interface (BCI) technology, which enables to device to interpret what you’re thinking and respond accordingly. In Cognixion’s words, Cognixion One “reduces the lag between intention and outcome.”

The Cognixion One features direct integration with Amazon Alexa, enabling you to control things like home automation system, music selection, and even queue up games-all with just a thought. The headset can also interpret the words you’re thinking and generate speech or convert them to text for private messaging. It also includes 4G connectivity so you can stay connected to your virtual assistant everywhere you go.

Thought controlled interactions might seem spooky to some people, but Cognixion didn’t build this headset with the average person in mind. The company built Cognixion One for people with communication disorders such as Cerebral Palsy or ALS and people who would otherwise have trouble interacting with the everyday world.

Cognixion said that “Almost anyone who has been reliant on switch or eye control access is an immediate candidate for Cognixion ONE.”
CognixionThe company worked with neurologists, biosignal engineers, and speech-language pathologists to ensure its integrations and interactions meet the needs of the people Cognixion wants to help.

Cognixion hasn’t set a release date for the Cognixion One headset, but the company intends to launch it next summer.

The Details

• Three context-aware predictive keyboard options (QWERTY, ABC, Linotype)

• Radial sentence builder tools (Patent Pending)

• Integrated Amazon Alexa

• 4G Mobility enables full functionality on the go

• USB-C charging port

• Multiple Access Options: Six degrees of freedom for head pointing, Brain-Computer Interface, switch access

• Companion app for system configuration and remote neural monitoring

• AR Headset with dual display option

• 6 occipital-placed non-invasive dry passive electrodes plus ground and reference channels

• No shaving, no special gel; it just works

• Adjustable fitting band and electrode positioning

• Electrodes are disposable and replaceable when needed

• 8 Channel Real-Time Biosignal Streaming over BLE5

• Data streaming over USB-C and local storage for research purposes

• Fixation enables selection of interface elements via use of visual evoked potentials (VEPs)


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