Astronomers Discover Galaxies So Mind-Blowingly Huge They Break Laws Of Physics

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ASTRONOMERS have discovered a set of galaxies which, in theory, are “too big and too bright” to exist. The galaxies in question are the most luminous to have ever been spotted. Such is the brightness of the galaxies that the team from the University of Massachusetts have dubbed them ‘outrageously luminous’,

Researchers develop AI platform to detect cancer group

A research group have applied artificial intelligence to assess how cancers can progress and evolve. The aim is to enable medics to use personalized treatments for individual patients, thereby boosting survival rates. The new development comes from the Institute of Cancer Research London together with medical technologists from the University of

Mercedes-Benz Shows Off Electric SUV to Rival Tesla

Mercedes-Benz Electric SUV

The all-wheel EQC features over 200 miles of range, and it's expected to come to market sooner than anticipated. Tesla, you have a sizable challenger. Mercedes-Benz just unveiled its upcoming all-electric SUV. The Mercedes-Benz EQC will be an all-wheel drive car with over 200 miles of range. The SUV is finally coming

Crystalline silica in meteorite brings scientists closer to understanding solar evolution

The solar protoplanetary nebula.

A multi-institutional team of researchers has discovered silica mineral quartz in a primitive meteorite, comprising direct evidence of silica condensation within the solar protoplanetary disk, and offering new clues to understanding solar formation and evolution. Though previous infrared spectroscopic observations have suggested the existence of silica in young and newly