5 headsets as your gateway to virtual reality this holiday

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Although still quite expensive and with relatively limited content offers, virtual reality headsets are gaining ground in the mainstream among gamers and tech buffs.Here are some top holiday gift ideas for tech-savvy users looking to step into virtual reality.HTC Vive This headset is the market reference in virtual reality, although it

Four Reasons Surgery Needs Virtual Reality


Despite advantages over traditional surgical methods, advanced surgery procedures present limitations, and these could be overcome by the use of refined virtual reality systems. So says a new report from Kalorama Information. The report, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) Market in Healthcare (U.S. Markets for Surgery; Medical Education and Training; Pain

Is Virtual Reality the Future?

Virtual Reality Headset

It’s here. The Sci-Fi fantasy that many of us once dreamed about can now be purchased for a few hundred pounds or at least emulated with a cardboard box and a smartphone.Virtual Reality is one of the newest ‘old’ technologies around, finally hitting the mainstream with the latest generation of

Blockchain for VR ownership


The Virtual Reality world has been heating up with more and more users coming online, as headsets and platforms continue to gain acceptance. This market space has also given rise to a new and interesting asset - Virtual Real Estate. As early as 2003 companies like Linden Labs (developers of Second