Does the Universe Rotate?


If you look around space, you'll notice a lot of things — the planets, stars, moons, even the galaxy itself — have one thing in common: they're spinning. So, is the universe spinning, too?This mystery is one that cosmologists have been acutely studying, because it's one that can tell us

Making stars when the universe was half its age

The Hubble Ultra Deep Field of galaxies. A new study of the star formation activity in 179 of the galaxies in this image including many dating from about six billion years ago confirms an earlier puzzling result: lower mass galaxies tend to make stars at a rate slightly slower than expected.

The universe is about 13.8 billion years old, and its stars are arguably its most momentous handiwork. Astronomers studying the intricacies of star formation across cosmic time are trying to understand whether stars and the processes that produce them were the same when the universe was younger, about half its

Monster Galaxy From Dawn of Universe Mapped

Artist’s impression of the monster galaxy

A “monster galaxy” that formed just one billion years after the Big Bang is spewing out stars at such a fast rate it will be consumed within the next 100 million years, scientists have discovered. By mapping the COSMOS-AzTEC-1 galaxy, which is located 12.4 billion light years away, researchers were able

The 7 Most Powerful Fireworks Shows In The Universe

Forget mere chemical reactions; in space, matter-energy conversion creates unprecedentedly powerful explosive events.Here are the 7 most powerful natural displays of cosmic fireworks.7. Type Ia supernova: when two white dwarf stars collide, they initiate a runaway fusion reaction, destroying both stellar remnants.6. Core-collapse supernova: when a supermassive star runs out of

The Universe Is Really Greasy, And We Had No Idea

The Universe Is Really Greasy

If we're going to head out into interstellar space one day, we might want to go equipped with some heavy-duty degreaser. New research has found that the vast intervals of space aren't always filled with dry dust, but often contain a mist of greasy molecules.And there's a lot of space

Most Accurate Map of Recent Universe Unveiled by Scientists


A new map of the universe has been unveiled by scientists, revealing the last seven billion years of the history of the cosmos.The results of the Dark Energy Survey show how dark matter is distributed across the galaxy. Until now, scientists used models to show where it fell. These models are