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Pornhub launches interactive videos that sync with your sex toys

Hold onto your butts, folks. Your Pornhub experience is about to get a lot more…intimate?

Sex toys continue to get more high-tech, and it looks like the future includes an even more interactive experience. has recently launched new videos that can sync up with sex toys — but, unfortunately, they don’t connect to female-friendly devices. Yet.
So, how does interactive porn work? The videos can transmit synchronized pulses to a wireless sex toy that’s been connected to correspond with what’s happening in the video. In order to sync up a device, you have to download the Feel Connect app and then connect your sex toy.


Pornhub Vice President Corey Price explained how it works to CNET: “If the video content is depicting a fast action scene, the rhythm/speed will intensify. For slower scenes, that draw out the excitement and build it up through the duration of the scene, the rhythm and speeds slow down and work in tandem with the content being broadcasted.”
It’s pretty basic, but the idea is that you won’t have to do much once your video and sex toys are set up. Pornhub’s website says each video is custom-produced to interact with wireless interactive devices. “The way in which you interact with your video depends on which toy you have,” it explains.
Right now, the interactive channel only connects to two sex toys geared toward men — the Kiiroo Onyx and and the Fleshlight Launch. Women have to wait a little longer for Pornhub videos that can sync up to their favorite toys, but the adult-entertainment site plans to expand the channel to incorporate the Kiiroo Pearl 2 vibrator and women’s devices from other brands as well.
Interactive porn linked to wireless devices is the first step toward virtual-reality porn, and there’s already a VR headset made specifically for porn (it goes for a whopping $220, but good sex toys aren’t cheap).

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