2018 Mobile VR vs. standalone headsets

2018 vr

For a long time, virtual reality was the preserve of geeks and techophiles looking to show off that they owned the latest hi-tech gadgets. However, that has begun to change with VR looking set to become mainstream in 2018 as prices fall and VR content improves through channels such as

HTC Vive Pulls Out All Stops For Halloween

HTC VIVE for Halloween

HTC is one of the biggest names in virtual reality, thanks mainly to their excellent HTC Vive headset. The HTC Vive has remained a favorite among enthusiasts for quite a while and even experienced steady price dropping since its release. As some may know, the Vive was produced in collaboration

7 virtual reality spirits activations


The spirits world has entered into a cutting-edge era of marketing, making use of innovative technologies like never before. Here’s our round-up of 7 head-turning virtual reality spirits activations. The future arrived without anyone much noticing, and while we may still not be getting around via jet pack or eating food

How much are Windows Mixed Reality headsets?

Windows Mixed Reality

Most of the main PC makers are creating Windows Mixed Reality headsets, and a number of them are available to purchase today. Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Samsung are all creating headsets, and the cheapest will be priced at $299. Not all will come bundled with wireless motion controllers,

New VR Tech Aims to Take Surround-Sound to New Levels

audio VR

Spatial audio promises immersive virtual experiences that engage more of the senses Virtual reality’s goal is to fully immerse a person in a digital landscape, triggering the same kinds of physical and psychological reactions they would experience in the real world. In virtual reality (VR) parlance, this is called “presence”—a mental

New Apple Patent Hints Advanced VR Hardware Is Coming


The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Thursday published the latest in a string of Apple hardware patents, specifically relating to the tech-giant’s vision of a head-mountable hardware system that’s capable of processing a wide range of desktop-class virtual reality (VR) applications.Apple’s application for Patent No. 20170295361, in the simplest