Business VR 2018

5 Ways Virtual Reality Will Impact Business in 2018

The time's ripe for businesses to leverage VR tech platforms to make transformative improvements in their business processes and marketing campaigns. Virtual reality, finally, is a


This Humanoid Robot May be Your Next Assistant

Toyota just unveiled the T-HR3, a humanoid robot. The robot is designed to be controlled by a human operator with the help of a virtual


nonprofit vr

How nonprofits use virtual reality to tackle real-world issues

You meander around the supermarket loading a basket with goods—breakfast tea, sugar, milk. Along the way, though, you become befuddled. You struggle to recall the

VR Pornography

Virtual reality pornography is allowing for more ‘Intimate’ and ‘Personal’ experiences

The availability of VR is changing the kinds of sexual and pornographic experiences people are looking for, say creators People could soon be watching more and