The new Nexus phone coming from HTC

Google still allocate their Nexus devices, according to the Federal Communications Commission, the new Nexus comes from HTC.

The same will happen as Nexus 6p, the Nexus 5X will have two devices.

HTC devices have the encoding names Marlin and Sailfish. The phones will support the universal LTE protocol, which means it will work on all networks with all operators. So far, there is still no data on the availability of the phones, although rumors say that they will be available on the market in November. A bit suspicious images have already appeared from devices, that claim to be the new Nexus phone.

An interesting remark was made by Android Police, which noted that they are almost identical phones. The only difference is the screen size 5 and 5.5 inches, but other than this, materials and hardware look identical.


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