An Enormous Volcano in Space Is About to Erupt, Scientists Say

Loki Patera, an active lava lake, is the large shield-shaped black feature in this image of Jupiter's moon, Io.

The "most powerful volcano" in the solar system—located on Jupiter's moon Io—erupts at unusually regular intervals, according to research.In fact, a team of scientists is predicting that the volcano, known as Loki Patera, will erupt in mid-September, based on an analysis of past trends. That's according to a study published

Scientists Announce 10 New Moons for Jupiter

Jupiter moons

Trivia teams across the country will have to update their astronomy notes. Today, a team of astronomers announced the discovery of 10 newly described moons orbiting Jupiter -- including one “oddball” -- bringing the giant planet’s retinue up to a whopping 79.The astronomers were led by Scott Sheppard from the