Meet Olli 2.0, a 3D-printed autonomous shuttle

Olli 2.0

From afar, Olli resembles many of the “future is now!” electric autonomous shuttles that have popped up in recent years.The tall rectangular pod, with its wide-set headlights and expansive windows nestled between a rounded frame, gives the shuttle a friendly countenance that screams, ever so gently, “come along, take a

3D-printed lithium-ion batteries

LED bangle, including a lithium-ion battery, was made entirely by 3D printing

Electric vehicles and most electronic devices, such as cell phones and laptop computers, are powered by lithium-ion batteries. Until now, manufacturers have had to design their devices around the size and shape of commercially available batteries. But researchers have developed a new method to 3-D print lithium-ion batteries in virtually

We Can Now Easily 3D Print With Metal

3D print metal

THE NEXT LEVEL. We can now 3D print pretty much anything from seemingly any material. Want to print a house out of concrete, a human cornea out of a bio-ink, or a pizza out of dough, sauce, and cheese? Piece of (3D-printed) cake.The one material that’s proven a bit trickier, though, is metal. Industrial printers are up

Soon 3D home movies without special glasses

3D movie glass

Imagine watching 3D movies in your home and without glasses. New technology from MIT allows you to do just that.It's called Home3D, and it converts 3D movies into a more TV-friendly format. MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) has developed a new method for displaying 3D movies at home

A reality check for virtual headsets

virtual reality 3D

VR has been more about hype than substance. Will that change? JUSTIN WILLIAMS takes off a virtual-reality (VR) headset and wobbles away from a demo area at E3, the world’s largest gaming convention, in Los Angeles. The bottoms of his feet and calves are “on fire,” he says. Mr Williams, a

‘Avatar’ 3D Technology, but without glasses?

Renowned filmmaker, screenwriter, inventor and philanthropist James Cameron previously reported back in April that the Avatar franchise will be expanded into four upcoming installments due to stories and plot lines evolving.With Avatar 2 scheduled to arrive sometime in the near future, James Cameron might have found a way to make