Devolo Magic doubles the speed of your home Powerline Wi-Fi network

We’ve already seen plenty of weird and wonderful gadgets at IFA 2018, but sometimes the most useful devices come in the plainest packages – and so it is with the Devolo Magic. The Powerline networking kit hits a new high of 2,400 Mbps, enabling you to get super-fast internet running through your home.

If you’re new to the concept of Powerline networking, these bulky plugs slot into your home’s existing power sockets and make use of the electrical wiring to carry internet signals. They don’t work in every home (be sure to double-check before you buy), but they do work with most modern setups wired in the last few years.

One Powerline socket plugs straight into your router, so you’ve effectively got a wired network running into each room – perfect if your router struggles to get Wi-Fi out to all the corners of your house. Each plug can also provide a Wi-Fi hotspot for getting all your various devices connected.

And so to the Devolo Magic, the company’s latest offering in the Powerline market. You probably won’t get that 2,400 Mbps speed in the real world, but it’s a new theoretical high at least – double the upper limit of previous plugs.

Of course when you’re trying to throw 4K Netflix video around the home, the more bandwidth the better. If Powerline networking is something that’s suitable for your internet configuration, the new Magic plugs might be worth a look.

Thanks to upgraded chipsets inside the devices, the plugs also have an extended range, and can handle line lengths up to 500 meters (around 1,640 ft). Unless you’re living in a palatial mansion, these should be able to cope with all the layouts you can throw at them.

There are some smart Wi-Fi features here too. Auto-pairing for quick device connections, seamless switching between plugs (for when you’re wandering through the house with your phone), the ability to quickly duplicate settings across all your plugs, and automatic priority management so the devices that need the fastest speeds always get them.

As yet Devolo hasn’t shared any launch dates or prices, but we do know the Magic plugs will be available in a high-speed (2,400 Mbps) version and an entry level (1,200 Mbps) version, both as single adapters and starter kits.


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