Artificial intelligence has saved lives

The system of artificial intelligence called IBM Watson, saved the life of a 60 year old woman from Japan by correctly identified her illness, which until then could not be detected by conventional methods, it has allowed the doctors to develop treatment for it.

To get to the discovery (for which he needed only 10 minutes), Watson reviewed the complete genetic information of women and compared with 20 million clinical oncology studies – something that would be impossible to achieve if it were responsible people. By comparison, he came to the conclusion that the patient had an extremely rare form of leukemia – otherwise, she had been diagnosed and treated for acute myeloid leukemia, which is normally not given any results because not responding to traditional treatments for it.

According to many prominent scientists this is a definite positive proof of potential that has artificial intelligence, which in the future could change the world.

In the US, such systems have already been used to support the treatment of leukemia and brain tumors.

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