What happens in Earth’s atmosphere during an eclipse?


Using smartphones and radio kits, researchers will track changes in how radio waves travel through the ionosphere As the moon’s shadow races across North America on August 21, hundreds of radio enthusiasts will turn on their receivers — rain or shine. These observers aren’t after the sun. They’re interested in a

This Animation Shows What Earth Would Look Like if All The Ice Melted


Rising Sea Levels In 2015, NASA revealed that Earth’s oceans are rising faster than expected, and the space agency projected that we’re now “locked in” to at least 90 cm of sea level rise in the coming decades.That in itself would be enough to displace millions of people around the world, but if

Death star heading towards Earth will end life


A GIANT death star is heading Earth’s way which could wipe out life on the planet, scientists have warned. The star known as HIP 85605 is one of 14 stars that are heading towards Earth, and experts have given it a 90 per cent chance of reaching the edge of our