Vacation photos to social media is making you less popular – here’s why

Summer is here — and with it comes a barrage of friends’ vacation photos cluttering up your social media pages.

If seeing them gives you a burst of envy or annoyance, rather than a sense of goodwill, you’re not alone.

A recent study by Aviva, a U.K. based insurance company, revealed that out of 2,000 people polled (so take the results with a grain of salt), a whopping 73% admitted they find other people’s vacation photos annoying.

According to them, “hot dog legs on the beach” are the worst offender in terms of vacation snaps.

The study also sought to determine why so many people post vacation pics, even when they say they hate seeing them (77% say they post vacation pictures themselves).

Almost 44% claimed it’s to keep friends and family up to date, while 21% admitted they do it to show off. A full 10% straight up said they wanted to make others jealous.

So whether you keep posting your vacation pictures or not, just know that no one really cares about your sandy legs but you.

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