Researchers find evidence for a new fundamental constant of the Sun

The Sun's corona - its outermost layer of atmosphere.

New research undertaken at Northumbria University, Newcastle shows that the sun's magnetic waves behave differently than currently believed.Their findings have been reported in Nature Astronomy.After examining data gathered over a 10-year period, the team from Northumbria's Department of Mathematics, Physics and Electrical Engineering found that magnetic waves in the sun's

Orbital Forensics Hint at Sun’s Long-Lost Planet

Our solar system might have once ejected a giant planet that now wanders among the stars, much like the lonely world illustrated here.

Our solar system is like a 4.6-billion-year-old crime scene.Crater-ridden surfaces, misaligned planetary orbits and streams of interplanetary debris are the cosmic equivalents of blood spatters on the wall and skid marks from a getaway car. These and other clues tell of a chaotic beginning for our planetary family.Buried in those

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe is attempting to touch the sun

Front Of Sun

We have sent probes zooming throughout our local solar system. There have been human landings on the moon, asteroid touchdowns, and planetary flybys aplenty. Voyager 1 is still zooming off into the deep stretch of interstellar space beaming us back information until the mid-2020s. We’ve been to a lot of

Watch thousands of asteroids orbiting our sun


Both NASA and ESA space missions have just released new videos plotting the orbits of tens of thousands of asteroids (and comets) orbiting our sun.The study of asteroids has come a long way in recent decades, especially since astronomers realized that Earth is more or less at the center of