Oculus VR Comparison: Rift S vs Quest vs Go

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Virtual reality headsets have steadily improved since their inception, with many headsets now offering a refined experience akin to what many of us expected to see when the headsets first debuted. Oculus has been a main player in the VR space throughout this time, and nowadays, the company has one

Oculus starts selling $299 Go business bundle

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Facebook’s virtual reality arm is beginning to sell its Oculus Go headsets directly to business users with a dedicated bundle. Starting today, business users can order a business bundle with a 64GB Oculus Go headset for $299.Oculus isn’t charging much of a premium for business users, tacking on an extra

Best Android Apps For Oculus Go

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The Oculus Go and the Gear VR are very similar, with the main difference being that the Oculus Go doesn't require you to put your phone inside of it. That's usually a good thing as it makes the Oculus Go easy to share with friends and lets people use VR

Oculus Go: Adult industry still loves the device

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Facebook’s latest attempt to popularize virtual reality (VR) with its $200 Oculus Go VR headset is getting praise from an unexpected ally: Porn studios and their VR offshoots have high hopes for the device, with some even reporting that it is already helping to boost their revenue.“It’s a game changer,”

Oculus Go: Everything you need to know!

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We now have a third headset on the way from Oculus. At Oculus Connect 4, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Oculus is working a new headset that sits in a "sweet spot" somewhere between Gear VR and Rift.Officially called Oculus Go, this headset requires no phone and no cables running to the

Oculus Go release date, price, news and features


During October’s Oculus Connect 4 event, Facebook unveiled the Oculus Go, an ambitious device that at last gives meaning to a term like “affordable virtual reality device.”Up until now, your best options for wallet-friendly VR rigs were units like the sometimes-free Google Cardboard or the Samsung Gear VR headset, both