Google will discontinue the use of Adobe Flash by the end of the year

Just a few months ago, Google proposed a plan to end the use of the product of Adobe and transition to faster and secure functionality in HTML5.

Earlier this month, the company unveiled a plan of gradually stopping the maintenance of Flash elements on the pages.

The benefits will it bring to the customer base will be expressed mainly in greater security, faster loading pages and longer battery life in portable devices.

The era of the favorite of all simple Flash game is already behind us, and anything less sites use advertising or interactive animations.

According to the company, over 90% of the elements that still use technology-specific analysis tools.

The first version of Google Chrome that starts the process, will be released to the customer base in September, and the most ambitious part of an effort – first complete switch to HTML5, will happen to the update in December.

The decision of Google waited to fully positive feelings, both from the user community and the software developers and security experts.

The company operates in a way that will help the people who have no technical knowledge to understand exactly what this change means for them.

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