Google is working on a new operating system, Fuchsia

Google is working on a new operating system, which will be based on Linux. The name the company uses now is Fuchsia. 

The existing operating systems, Android and Chrome OS are based on the Linux kernel. The new ones come with a new Magenta kernel. 

Perhaps the biggest mystery is what is the exact meaning of the new operating system. Speculations widely initiate that Fuchsia will merge with Chrome and Android into one operating system.

Other speculations point that Fuchsia will be targeted for the Internet of Things.  As a third speculation, it will be a design to interface with extended reality.

The only relevant data comes from Travis Giselbreht from Google, who says that Fuchsia will be available on Raspberry Pi 3. This could mean that the operating system will be designed for practically everything, control panels for cars, phones and tablet computers.

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