What happens in Earth’s atmosphere during an eclipse?


Using smartphones and radio kits, researchers will track changes in how radio waves travel through the ionosphere As the moon’s shadow races across North America on August 21, hundreds of radio enthusiasts will turn on their receivers — rain or shine. These observers aren’t after the sun. They’re interested in a

No, This Year’s Solar Eclipse Won’t Trigger a Nibiru Apocalypse


The hype over the Great American Eclipse on 21 August is certainly reaching fever pitch now that we're less than ten days out, and we hope that you are already prepared.But where there's hype, there's also conspiracy theories. Like the one that's been gracing tabloid headlines all week - that

A guide to the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21

Solar Eclipse

Nature’s most powerful and most misunderstood science event Think you’ve seen an eclipse of the Sun? You haven’t. Perhaps you remember some solar eclipse glasses being passed around while you stood outside your school or office, and maybe the light went a bit funny.What you saw was a partial eclipse, which