Oculus Go: Adult industry still loves the device

Adult VR Industry

Facebook’s latest attempt to popularize virtual reality (VR) with its $200 Oculus Go VR headset is getting praise from an unexpected ally: Porn studios and their VR offshoots have high hopes for the device, with some even reporting that it is already helping to boost their revenue.“It’s a game changer,”

Virtual Reality and the Adult Industry

Adult Annie

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VR has finally found its place: porn

If you've gone looking for a virtual reality experience, there's a very good chance you've seen some very adult things.New statistics gathered by the aptly named VR porn site VRPorn.com show that when it comes to the virtual reality space, a surprising amount of it is occupied by, well, porn.They

Is virtual reality the future of adult entertainment?


Virtual-reality technology has triggered a high-tech wave in the adult-entertainment industry in recent years. With a VR headset, viewers can be transported into a virtual universe where they can watch porn, play games, interact with a virtual partner, or enjoy virtual sex with the help of gadgets such as sex dolls.“Although VR