Modern small apartment for students

Elegant apartment who designed the studio “Kenneth Brown Design” is located near the campus of the University in the US state of Louisiana, and is intended for young people, mostly students, which require modern arranged apartment which can afford.

The design of the apartment and its decor are reduced to practicality, and is suitable and available for youth who live and work in this area and want accommodation outside the dormitories.

The living room, dining room and kitchen with ease are connected in one piece and bright color palette is selected for the interior to further expand the space.

Decorate a living room chair and table woven wood, as opposed to the white shelves is black-board wall, which serves for leaving messages for all tenants. Pretentious pieces of furniture thrown at the expense of versatility pieces that are more resistant to use.

The bedrooms are another interesting aspect, because each room has its own individual character.

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