Great news: Another ‘only’ 34 years and will do housework!

The traditional role of housewife completely will expire by 2050, scientists say.

Dr. Ian Piarson, futurologist, argues that until this year robots will completely take care of household chores and 80% of households will have robotic assistance.

Thus, the furniture will be fully adapted to the human form, the clothes will clean itself, and even be able to completely rearrange the house in just a few moments. People will not even have to cook, because micro-robots will take and the role, including care for groceries and cleaning the kitchen.

Parents no longer have to drive the children to school, and most people will work from home. Peterson claims that living conditions will improve significantly and that people can fully dedicate themselves.

There will be we need to spend time getting out because people will be available in all shapes and hologram will be able to ‘meet’ the comfort of their armchairs. It will even be possible to control dreams, and there will be a pill that will make sure to have a great line.

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