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PS5 Console Overheats at Best Buy

An image making the rounds online shows a Sony PlayStation 5 console overheating while on display at a Best Buy retail store.

Next Thursday, November 12, Sony will officially launch its next-generation console, the PlayStation 5. PS5 reviews have started to go live, pointing to a console that delivers on its promise of a truly next-gen gaming experience. However, an image making the rounds online shows that gamers will want to be careful with how they display their PS5 consoles, as it could potentially overheat.

Twitter user Xzyliac posted an image to Twitter, supposedly taken at their local Best Buy in Houston, Texas. Some Best Buy stores have started displaying PS5 consoles in demo kiosks, which usually sees the new console in an enclosed, glass, or plastic case. As one might imagine, the PS5 being stuck in a case is not great for the console’s ventilation, and so the one at Xzyliac’s Best Buy apparently overheated. Xzyliac’s image shows the PS5 overheating warning, which states: “Your PS5 is too hot. Turn off your PS5, and wait until the temperature goes down.”

None of the PS5 reviews that have been released so far indicate that the new console has any kind of major overheating issue, so fans shouldn’t get too worked up by the images. The most likely explanation is that the way that Best Buy has the PS5 displayed resulted in the console overheating, and there is no indication that there will be PS5 overheating issues brought about by regular use.

In fact, the PS5 is reportedly more efficient when it comes to keeping the system cool than the PlayStation 4. Sony has reportedly spent big money to ensure that the PS5 has a high-quality cooling system. Plus, the PS5’s size and shape should also go a long way in ensuring that the console doesn’t suffer from any major overheating issues come launch. Of course, there could always be some unforeseen problem that makes PS5s overheat, but there may even be a solution to that.

Sony has confirmed that it can update the PS5’s cooling fan through firmware updates. So if there is some kind of flaw or weak-point with the system’s cooling, perhaps a cooling fan firmware update will resolve the issue.

For now, though, PlayStation fans shouldn’t worry about their PS5 consoles overheating. A more legitimate concern will be the PS5’s storage space, as the console will not allow users to expand their storage at launch. PS5 expandable storage options will become available at some point after launch, but more details on that have yet to be revealed by Sony at the time of this writing.

Source: GamesRadar

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