Possible panacea for allergies

Researchers from Northwestern University and University of Michigan think they have discovered a way то cure allergies and not only to mask their symptoms with antihistamines.

To understand the “cure“, we must first understand what actually allergies аре. They occur when the body is overreacting to certain nature particles (called allergens) and not because of some allergens are (not) harmful to the body.

To heal, the body must “learn” that certain foods or particles that cause his reaction are quite harmless. Usually this is done by injection of allergens directly into the bloodstream, hoping to reach the liver or spleen center, which teaches the body that they can not hurt it and it will not react the next time it comes in contact with them. But often, the body attacks allergens before they reach these centers, causing anaphylaxis, ie allergic reaction, which prevents the treatment of allergy.

Now, new research suggests that we can manipulate the body to allow access of the allergens by their coating with discrete nanoparticles. The body recognizes such allergens as benign dust particles and allows them to pass to the learning centers. There, they break down and release the allergen, which makes the body to direct the immunity defense towards them.

This technique of masking the nanoparticles has a possible future application in treatments of asthma and other autoimmune diseases.

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