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Tesla Model 3 Will Get Smart Air Suspension in 2018

The Smart Air Suspension feature is coming to the Tesla Model 3 next year, according to Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Musk revealed the time frame for the feature’s release on Twitter, saying it will arrive in six months alongside the Model 3’s dual motor all-wheel drive configuration. The dual motor goes into production next spring.

Smart Air Suspension is a useful feature available to owners of the Model S and the all-electric Model X SUV — it was once offered at a premium price before being made standard. It allows drivers to adjust their suspension to better handle certain terrain, such as snow covered roads, steep driveways, or speed bumps.

After adjustments are made using the car’s touchscreen, the settings are retained for future use using GPS location detection — whenever the car encounters those areas again, it will automatically adjust itself.

The Tesla Model 3’s long range battery went into production this year, with buyers expected to receive their vehicles beginning in October. Some drivers delayed purchasing the Model 3 due to the absence of the dual motor option. Musk’s unexpected announcement for the configuration’s release should now put their minds at ease and give them something definitive to look forward to.

This article was originally published by Futurism.

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