Google and LG working on 5K VR displays

The last few years have brought quite a few improvements to the VR tech, but, even though more and more content and games are created specifically for this immersive platform, ...
Samsung AR/VR

Samsung AR/VR headset release date, price, news and rumors

Samsung has been in the virtual reality (VR) game for some time now thanks to its partnership with Oculus for the Samsung Gear VR headset, but it looks like the ...
Lenovo Mirage Solo

Lenovo Mirage Solo is the most exciting VR headset

The Mirage Solo from Lenovo is the first virtual reality headset that has actually gotten me excited in a long time. The Mirage Solo is a $399.99 standalone VR headset ...

VR’s next horizon: Retina display

Nearly eight years have passed since the world first learned about “Retina Displays,” screens with so many tiny pixels per inch (ppi) that the naked eye could no longer see ...
Disney's VR

Disney’s Jacket enhances VR simulation

Virtual reality is already pretty realistic, but tactile experience is limited to handheld sensations or simple vibrations. Currently, VR headsets dominate this technological landscape, and much of the experience is ...
Wireless Samsung Headset

Samsung reportedly has a wireless AR/VR headset

Apple is working on a standalone wireless headset capable of both augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), using Apple's very own chips -- so no need to plug into ...

Oculus’ new prototype VR headset has something the HTC Vive Pro doesn’t

The Vive Pro certainly impressed us when we got our hands on HTC’s new top-tier VR headset, but there was one thing that a lot of people wished it had ...

Apple VR headset, features, and patent rumors

VR and mobile seem to go hand-in-hand in 2018, with the likes of Samsung's Gear VR and Google's DayDream now available for Android users - but what about those us ...
Oculus Go Best Buy

Oculus Go virtual reality headset pops up on Amazon and Best Buy, It costs $199

Oculus Gо, thе cоmpany’s upcоming standalоnе VR hеadsеt, may alrеady bе waiting in thе wings at Amazоn distributiоn cеntеrs—thеy’rе cеrtainly alrеady оn Bеst Buy shеlvеs, as bоth rеtailеrs arе gеaring ...