The new galaxy, named Antlia 2

Gigantic “ghost” galaxy spotted circling the Milky Way

Astronomers have spotted a mysterious "ghost" galaxy orbiting the Milky Way. Huge but extremely faint, the oddball galaxy has been named Antlia 2, and it might just be weird enough ...
Flat-Earthers Have A Hilarious New Theory And It's Exactly As Ridiculous As You Would Expect

Flat-Earthers Have A Hilarious New Theory And It’s Exactly As Ridiculous As You Would Expect

The origin story of Earth is a tale of God-like cosmic forces and geological timespans so colossal they are almost unimaginable to our puny brains. According to flat-Earthers, the results ...
Black holes are characterised by spin and mass

Astronomers found a black hole rotating so fast it’s sucking up space itself

Black holes occur when a massive star dies and collapses with enough gravity that nothing, not even light, can escape from it. Black holes can absorb the surrounding mass and ...
Sunlight in a bottle? Solar fuel breakthrough could make it possible to store solar power for decades.

Scientists transform sunlight into a liquid fuel that can be stored for 18 years

It's hard to believe that we still use climate change-inducing fossil fuels when we have a sun that's bombarding our planet with plentiful, clean renewable energy on a daily basis ...
oumuamua spaceship

Mysterious Interstellar Asteroid Could Be a Part of Alien Spaceship, Astronomers Say

Interstellar mystery rock Oumuamua might have been part of an alien reconnaissance mission, according to two Harvard Smithsonian astronomers who saw in the strange object signs it could be a ...
Erik Lucero/University of California Santa Barabra

Austrian Discovery Could Open the Door to Quantum Teleportation

The race to further understand and eventually harness the potential power of the quantum world is well underway with each year bringing scientists closer to technologies such as quantum computers ...

Scientists Capture New Images Of Black Hole In Center Of Milky Way

Black holes are elusive cosmic creatures. Einstein himself doubted they existed even though they were a prediction of his most successful theory General Relativity. As the name would imply, black ...
Artist's concept showing Dawn arriving at the dwarf planet Ceres

Sun sets on Dawn spacecraft’s asteroid belt mission

After 11 years exploring the asteroid belt, NASA's Dawn mission has come to the end. On Monday, the space agency confirmed that all contact has been lost with the deep ...
An illustration of the Kepler space telescope.

NASA to Make Announcement About Kepler Telescope

NASA is about to make an announcement about the Kepler, potentially to say the planet-hunting telescope has finally run out of fuel almost a decade after being launched into space ...