3D cornea

Scientists have 3D printed artificial cornea using human cells

Scientists have 3D printed the thin protective film over the eye, called the cornea, using human cells — and it’s the most advanced version of an artificial cornea yet. Should ...

Can Virtual Reality Tackle Phobias?

Duke University has started offering a novel treatment for phobias: virtual reality (VR) exposure therapy. Patients are interviewed and offered therapist-guided virtual reality treatments in an immersive, computer-generated environment that ...

Four Reasons Surgery Needs Virtual Reality

Despite advantages over traditional surgical methods, advanced surgery procedures present limitations, and these could be overcome by the use of refined virtual reality systems. So says a new report from Kalorama ...
VR Health

Could Virtual Reality Treat Mental Health Disorders?

There are potential benefits of using virtual reality as a tool for effectively treating different types of mental health disorders such as anxiety disorders, phobias, and post-traumatic stress disorder among ...

A Tech Startup Is Using Virtual Reality as a Weapon Against Cancer

Cancer vs. VR OnComfort’s goal is to help patients cope with the stress and pain associated with cancer treatment, but the startup isn’t working on a new medication or traditional ...
Oculus VR cancer detected

Cancer doctors look to virtual reality for insight into tumours

Virtual reality developers promise that technology will enter our lives and make the world a better place – but few applications have so far lived up to promise. Now healthcare ...

Omega Ophthalmics is an eye implant platform with the power of continuous AR

Google and other tech companies have come up with glasses and contact lenses for the purposes of AR, but Omega Ophthalmics is taking a much more invasive approach by using surgically ...

A Step Towards Eternal Life: Scientists Find a Way to Reverse Ageing

Scientists have found a way to stop ageing in human cells. The breakthrough was made by a team from Houston Methodist Research Institute in Texas.  In the research, published in the ...

Doctor treating patients with new innovative technology

EL CENTRO, Calif. - A local doctor from El Centro is helping treat patients who have peripheral artery disease. He is the first doctor in the country to treat patients ...