holiday VR AR

Airbnb brings holiday homes to life with virtual and augmented reality

Airbnb is developing ways for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to be used for viewing holiday rental properties both before your visit and during your stay. The company ...

AI in Every Classroom

For teachers, the classroom is anything but serene. Kids giggle during lessons, call out, rustle papers, and fidget — teachers must compete with the chaos to simply get students to ...

Virtual reality app designed to alleviate workplace, other stress

Hill is the founder and CEO of StoryUp VR, a virtual reality company that provides guided meditation and positive thinking activities designed to reduce stress. Founded in 2015, StoryUp recently ...

Virtual Reality Cycling Simulator Nominated for World Smart City Award

Cycling was in the spotlight at the Smart City Expo which took place earlier this month in Barcelona. This was thanks to the nomination of the Cyclespex virtual reality cycling ...
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How nonprofits use virtual reality to tackle real-world issues

You meander around the supermarket loading a basket with goods—breakfast tea, sugar, milk. Along the way, though, you become befuddled. You struggle to recall the items on the shopping list ...
VR Pornography

Virtual reality pornography is allowing for more ‘Intimate’ and ‘Personal’ experiences

The availability of VR is changing the kinds of sexual and pornographic experiences people are looking for, say creators People could soon be watching more and more "intimate" pornography through ...
Adult Annie

Virtual Reality and the Adult Industry

NOTE: Although this article itself is safe for work some of the sources may link to web pages that are not safe for work. This article discusses issues that are ...

WTM 2017: Virtual reality check

Using virtual reality in travel is much more than simply placing a headset on a customer’s head and showing off a destination, argues Laduma’s chief executive Ben Smith – now’s ...

VR has finally found its place: porn

If you've gone looking for a virtual reality experience, there's a very good chance you've seen some very adult things. New statistics gathered by the aptly named VR porn site ...